Monday, 13 July 2015


DIY Bohemian notebook!

This pretty bohemian notebook DIY is great way to spice up your regular notebooks- whether it will be for work, college or school! This notebook is extremely easy to make and you can obviously manipulate the colours and patterns and designs according to your personality. So what are you waiting for? Start a new fresh year of school with an array of beautiful bohemian notebooks!!!

The steps to making this notebook are pretty self explanatory from the above image, but i will briefly explain a little...

1.Collect cool paper and materials
The paper materials I used were left over bits of Tie Dye fabric, dotty Krispy Kreme paper and some random turqois paper lying about. You could also cut out patterned paper from a magazine or food packaging or even paint normal paper. If not, you could visit a store for coloured paper.

2.I also gathered a couple sheets of plain and lined paper...and then i started drawing. I took inspiration from google images or you could of coarce copy of mine. If you find difficulty in sketching the designs then you could print it out and trace it, or cut it out all together. Here are some I found:

3.Finally using a pair of scissors to cut out your sketches and the different materials and fit them together on the notebook, kinda like a puzzle. When your done just glue on! You could use PVA glue or even a glue stick will do fine!

I think this DIY is extremely easy and you could make your bohemian DIY notebook any colour you would like to! You could even experiment with colours and designs for different subjects to make school a little more exciting!
Please leave a picture of your finished notebook in the comments below, I would love to see if anyone does make it, and checkout my other posts if you enjoyed this!


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

5 steps to get a grunge wardrobe!

The 90's grunge look consists of a mix of tomboy, badass, band tee's..and black LOTS and LOTS of black! I f you feel like this is the type of wardrobe you love and would like to achieve then read on! 


  Vintage Renewal Levi's 550 Jeans in Light Wash Blue Denim - Urban Outfitters

1.Black skinny jeans or Mom jeans

Black skinny jeans are a MUST for a grunge wardrobe, whether ripped or not they really give an edgy badass feel and can pair up with almost anything!! Acid wash jeans or light wash mom jeans also look really grunge! They are not an essential for a grunge wardrobe but provide an alternative to black skinnies. The lightwash colour really stands out against band tee's, black tops and flannels -especially red ones.

  i really want the flannel and the shoes and the jeans, just everythingᵞᴼᵁᴿ ˢᵀᴼᴿᵞ ᴵˢᴺᵀ ᴼᵛᴱᴿ ᵞᴱᵀᵞᴼᵁᴿ ˢᵀᴼᴿᵞ ᴵˢᴺᵀ ᴼᵛᴱᴿ ᵞᴱᵀfestival fashion


Flannels, flannels, flannels! Everybody knows that flannels are a number one for a grunge wardrobe, red flannels, blue flannels, green flannels, black flannels, oversized flannels, flannels buttoned up, buttoned down, tucked in, tied around the waist, layered under jackets!

beanie jacket long blond hair denim jeans fashion women streetstyle tumblr girlOMG, I am so so like Goose. If he gives me it as Christmas gift, I will love him. Urban Renewal Vintage Surplus Harrington Jacket in Black

3.Oversized denim jacket

Denim jackets are sooo versatile, and once again an essential to a grunge wardrobe. Oversized they look great with ripped tights or black jeans, they can be layered with a flannel and give you warmth and protection too when a flannel just isn't enough. I personally love a plain oversized Levi's denim jacket-which you can get for a reasonable price on Asos marketplace. A black Harrington bomber jacket also looks great and can be bought cheaper on amazon!!

4.Band tee's or muscle tee's

Gray, lunar phases shirt. Found on tumblr. ACDC Studded Tee i hate short shorts, but i would totally wear that!!☼ ☾

  and today, folks, we have oscar updates via penpen: "ADAM LEVINE ON FLEEK GO GET ME MY SMELLING SALTS // JOSH HUTCHERSON looks normal haha i'll give him credit to his cute bowtie // the oscars need a little action -- bring jlaw and benny in now."

T shirts are not hard to get by, you could probably even do a DIY for a t shirt. Or you could ask for a t shirt from  your favourite band for your birthday or Christmas? I'm sure you can get them online are at some music shops. I you want to make a muscle tee why not just cut off the sleeves of an existing t shirt you have?? The ripped edges would actually add to the grunge effect!

5.The right shoes

Doc Martens - I used to LOVE these!!! I wonder if they will ever come back in style? And who cares maybe I'll wear them again someday anyways..... :)

GIBSON DERBY 4 FORI BLACKdoc martens☽ ☼ ƈʜɪʟʟ ѵɪвěs ☼ ☾

These are some of my favourite grunge style shoes! They range from Solovair Gibson shoes, black converse and Doc's and vans.However Doc's can be VERY expensive as can converse, but there  is still a way to make your wallet happy as well as your wardrobe. You can buy combat boots that look similar to Doc's from Primark or Target. Also Solovair shoes can be bought on Amazon for £20 only!! Also Primark sell converse look alike and plimsolls.

This concludes my 5 steps to getting a grunge wardrobe! I hope this really helped, i really enjoyed making this blog :)
Be sure to comment below and if you are interested in grunge clothing be sure to check out my board on pinterest:  

Monday, 6 July 2015

Top Boho Rooms

- Tapestry + Pattern Combo

This bohemian bedroom consists of the orange/red kerala tapestry from urban outfitters. The fairy lights can be bought from almost anywhere or you can make them yourself by fitting fake plastic golf balls with plain Christmas fairy lights. Once again the plain but effective white bedding allows the tapestry to pop and I love the orange cushion for effect!

This next bohemian dream room has a very cozy warm glowing feel to it. The cluttered homely vintage decor help with the finish as well as the dim and romantic use of the fairy lights and the candle. The little vintage trinkets such as the typewriter, the record player and the polaroid camera as well as the owl and elephant ornaments give a homely edge to this room. However you do not have to  stretch out your budget in purchasing these vintage ornaments- in fact I bought the same typewriter in this image the other day from a charity shop for only a fiver!So i would suggest rooting around charity shops or vintage shops or you can even buy cheap replicas of typewriters on eBay if you want one just for decoration. As for the bohemian trinkets- if you have a gift works near you i would definitely recommend popping in as there is an abundance of wooden elephants, dream catchers, candles, globes, Buddha's, vintage birdcages all very very cheap! Tk Max is also my go to bohemian decor shop with tons of lanterns, globes and bits and bobs which are all one of a kind and usually from cool places like Italy and India! To finish off the look for this room I would reccommend purchasing thick volumes such as vintage books from charity shops or the Harry Potter series and sticking on personal pictures and band posters on one wall :)  

( Handmade rugs are not necessarily limited to use on the floor. This Kilim really makes something happen on the wall. Easy to do.
This following Tumblr style dream boho room is also one fo my favourites. I love the beautiful pop of colours in the tapestry and the original and effective way of hanging it on the corner of the wall which leaves room for an array of Tumblr style posters, a black and white classic of Audrey Hepburn and a couple dream catchers hanging. I also love the round fairy lights on the tapestry. To achieve the look in this bedroom you don't need all that much- just a tapestry, some fairy lights, a couple dream catchers and a few inspirational posters!

Bedroom tapestrythinking about making a bed canopy covered in imagery of my dreams, could be a way of linking lighting and the canopy together.

The following two bohemian tapestries are VERY similar, they both consist of a maroon wall tapestry chiffon billowy curtains to frame the bed and to give a dreamy princess effect as well as a clean white bed for balancing of colours. There is also some sort of source of lighting whether it is fairy lights or a yellow glowing from a strangely shaped source that I cannot work out.

I would LOVE to know which one is your favourite so pls comment below!! And if you love bohemian rooms and tapestries and all that good stuff follow me on pinterest (if you want)


Sunday, 5 July 2015

Tapastry talk! the wall Tapestry it makes it so homely, I think in less contesting colours

I LOVE this bedroom!!!The beautiful array of orange pink and plum purple in the tapestry make the room so interesting and effortlessly colourful!! I also love how this tapestry is framed by delicate chiffon curtains and a messy but very simply white bed that completes the bed area.This tapestry is from Urban Outfitters and unfortunately is actually a red orange colour :/

However, I have found a couple very similarly coloured tapestries as shown in the above image on ebay which also have a mandala shape but are so much cheaper than the one found on urban outfitters and consist of the maroon plum purple array of colours I was previously interested in:
2.Indian Tapestry Dark Maroon Mandala Bedsheet Ethnic Decor Twin Bedspread JKKUS

3.INDIAN MANDALA WALL HANGING tapestry throw decor hippy bed maroon red cotton art

4.Maharani Maroon Indian bedsheet. Wall/bed decor Superior Quality Hippie Wall Tapestry or bedspread in 100% Organic Cotton Medallion print

5.Maroon Hippie Mandala Tapestry wall hanging boho bohemian twin bedding throw bed

6.BSS256 Maroon base Elephant Mandala Tapestry by BlissfulMandala

Please let me know in the comments below which tapastry is your favourite or if you'd like me to display tapestries of different colours (e.g blue) :) 

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Bohemian Dream Room 1

❤️                      The beautiful room shown above ...consists of a vertically draped tapestry a glowing lantern amidst the bed, and a bed adorned with layers of material-bright colorful throws as well as a mic of simplistic white and lace throws. The tapestry is framed with sheer white nets which gives a romantic and original princess like feel! The white drapes are balanced out with an abundance of maroon and neutral brown cushions all piled up with a comfortable feel. There is more colour shown throughout the room in the rug and the blue fabric adorning the table area.